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UX Design and Research Program - Online UX Training - FutureLearn

Advance your career in UX with the University of Michigan’s program of courses on integrating UX design and research methods to create a product with a great UX. - Program


Free Online IELTS courses - Prepare for IELTS - FutureLearn

Boost your chances of success in the IELTS test with these free online IELTS courses from the British Council. Prepare for the four different parts of IELTS with FutureLearn. - Program


Digital Workplace - Online Program - FutureLearn

Build the digital skills and adaptability to create a career that’s future-proof with this online program from the Institute of Coding and the University of Leeds. - Program


Thrive At Home During Coronavirus - Online Program - FutureLearn

Explore work-life balance, mental health and motivation and learn how to adapt to your time at home during the coronavirus with Coventry University's online program. - Program


Solving Problems with Technology - Online Program - FutureLearn

Enhance your problem-solving skills using design thinking, data, and planning with this online program from the Institute of Coding and the University of Leeds. - Program


Robotic Vision - Program - FutureLearn

Gain the skills to build a computer vision system in this practical program of online courses.


Online Data Mining Course Program – FutureLearn

Get a practical introduction to data mining using the popular Weka workbench. Join this flexible program on online courses from The University of Waikato. - Program


Medical Technology Futures - Online Program

An introduction to the MedTech field, with a special focus on medical device design and engineering.


Introduction to Intercultural Studies Program - FutureLearn

Learn about the concepts of culture, interculturality and intercultural communication with an online Intercultural Studies program of five short courses. - Program


Introducing Robotics Program - FutureLearn

Understand robotics - from its impact on society to how to build working robots, with this program of introductory courses from Queensland University of Technology. - Program

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