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73 reviews

3 h


How To Negotiate Your Salary After A Job Offer

Learn about the importance of salary negotiation, how much negotiation is too much negotiation, when should you look for a job change, what are some of the benefits of salary negotiation, and how a bad negotiation can lead to you losing an opportunity.

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310 reviews

3 m


Learn how to become a great DJ and be the life of the party!

Being a DJ entails more than simply pressing buttons. We will teach you how to DJ and how to be a fantastic party host!

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1.3K reviews

1 h 53 m


ROS Basics: Program Robots!

Learn the fundamentals behind the open source robotics framework - ROS

1K reviews

58 m


How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps!

Guide to Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle Applications Development Tutorials Without Technical or Coding Skills!

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )3.8
518 reviews

2 h 32 m


Bug Hunting Course

⏭Want to find your first bug but confused about how to choose target on Hackerone, BugCrowd or any platforms. I will help you. After choosing bug bounty target what will you do?


Bug Bounty Guide: Where to focus // How to make money // How to get started today

Is there a future for you in Bug Bounty? Can you make money out of buy bounty? Is this a full time or part time job? STÖK answers these questions and many more :)


Bug Bounty

In this course we cover an introduction to bug bounty hunting and web application hacking. I did not include my API videos in this course if you would like you can check out my channel to find the API hacking videos!