FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am looking for free course for this subject. Where can I find it?

We curate all the courses by subjects. View subject list.

2. Where can I submit the new course?

You can submit the course using submit section.

3. What type of courses are featured on Coursesity?

Currently we featured only video courses. You can submit any online course. Course with discounts offers have higher chances to get featured. Check subject list for more details.

4. I have submitted course. When will it publish?

We review all the submission and select list of courses to be publish on front page everyday. The review process take upto 4-5 days.

5. What type of courses do accept?

Currently we featured only video courses. Course should be free or should have 100% discount offer. Courses should be related to programming and coding. Check subject list for more details.

6. Do you accept paid courses?

Paid courses don't featured on the front page on Coursesity. We are launching deals section very soon. To get earlier access of it email us on [email protected]

7. The course say free on the site but when I go to the course link, it is not free.

Some courses are free only for limited period or have only limited numbers of coupons. We recommand to enroll in the course as soon as it publish on the site. Join our Telegram or Messenger channel to get daily updates. We regularly update our database to keep the correct status of the course.

8. Who can submit the course on Coursesity?

Coursesity is open to everyone. Anyone can submit the course. We encourage to share free online courses with other learners.

9. I want to provide coupons and discount for courses. How can I submit?

For most of the MOOCs sites provide tool to create course link with coupon code. You can use the tool from respective site to generate the course link and can submit on Coursesity.

10. We are online education company and we want to submit list of courses. How can we do it?

reach out to us on [email protected] if you want to submit many courses.

11. We want to partner with you to promote our courses. What should we do?

We always welcome new opportunities. Please mail us on [email protected]

12. My question is not in this list. How can I get answer?

Please mail us on [email protected]