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Body language: Key to professional Success

The aim of this course is to impart sensitivity and precision to students understanding of body language


Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence

The objective of this course is to present an overview of the principles and practices of AI to address such complex real-world problems.


Sociology of Science

The course will also discuss the various theoretical underpinnings of science and technology in society


Marketing Management-I

This is part-I of a course on Marketing Management. The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to principles and practices, theoretical building blocks of marketing


Basic Electrical Circuits

Electrical circuits are everywhere, from tiny ones in integrated circuits in mobile phones and music players, to giant ones that carry power to our homes


Patent Search for Engineers and Lawyers

Patents are legal documents which provide the basis of an invention and the extent to which rights are covered in relation to an invention.


System design for sustainability

Design for Sustainability is a design thinking process for widening the boundaries of the objective of design so as to contribute positively to sustainable development.


Product Design and Development

The need of a new product, the product life cycle, the product design process, the application of Value Engineering principles in product design, various product design tools.


Introduction To Literary Theory

This course traces the development of the major theoretical frameworks, from classical Greek theories of mimesis to the present day concerns of ecocriticism and postcolonialism, which are used to analyse texts within the discipline of English literary studies


Ecology and Environment

The objectives of the course is to introduce and sensitize all BTech students to the issue of ecology, environment and sustainability

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