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Best Futurelearn Courses online

List of the best futurelearn courses and certifications to take online in 2021.

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Fashion from Business to Culture - Online Course - FutureLearn

From its impact on culture and society to consumer behaviour, discover the business of fashion with this online course from Institut Francais de la Mode.


Infant Nutrition - Online Course

It’s well known that good early nutrition is vital to the development, health and wellbeing of children, but what does this mean?


Leading Strategic Innovation - Free Online Course - FutureLearn

Get an introduction to strategic innovation management to develop your strategic thinking and refine your leadership purpose with this free online managerial course.


Free Online Leadership Course from Deakin University

What is Leadership? And what makes a good leader? Find out with this short free online leadership course from Deakin University.


Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement - Online Cou

Learn how to engage customers through relationships instead of one-off sales with The Open University Business School’s online course.


Perspectives of Entrepreneurship - Online Course

What is entrepreneurship? Explore entrepreneurship from individual, social and economic perspectives with this online business course from Coventry University.


Inside IELTS - Online Course

Learn about the skills you need for IELTS Academic on this free course from Cambridge Assessment English, the makers of the test.


Nutrition and Wellbeing Course Online - FutureLearn

Take this free online course to better understand nutrition and demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about wellbeing, health and lifestyle.


Food and Mood - Online Course - FutureLearn

Explore how food, nutrition, and mental health are all related, and why diet matters in this free online course from Deakin University.


Learn Genetics - Understanding Genetic Disorders Course - FutureLearn

Join the University of Glasgow’s free online genetics course to explore how genes affect our health and discover the latest in genetics technology and testing.