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Free Alison Courses online

List of free alison courses and certificaions to take online in 2023.


Life Lessons From Sports

With this free online course, you can learn lessons from sports that you can apply in real life during difficult situations, develop positive attributes, and enhance your life.


Sports and Exercise Psychology

This sports psychology course provides the first aid, pharmacological and mental training you need to keep athletes healthy and focused on their performance.


Master the Art of Creating a Deadmau5-Style Track

Harness the methods of using FL Studio to produce high-quality EDM tracks like electronic music artist DJ Deadmau5.


Beginner's guide to making a mainstream EDM track

Learn how to use the DAW functions in FL Studio to make mainstream electronic dance music tracks like renowned Dutch DJ Martin Garrix! There is no need to sign up for a free online course.

3 reviews

FL Studio for DJs and Music Producers

Learn how to use FL Studio to create electronic dance music (EDM) songs like American DJ Marshmello to jumpstart your music production career.

122 reviews

Treating Trauma Using DBT

This free online course teaches you how to treat PTSD with dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) to assist people in making peace with their pasts and with themselves.


Music Theory: Musical Form

Learn everything there is to know about musical form, including the six models of musical form, the distinction between verse and chorus, and the various musical genres.


Free Online Training Course in Instruments and Rhythm

Alison's free Instruments and Rhythm course will introduce the learner to aspects of music theory such as musical genres and orchestral instruments.


Free Online Transformational Leadership Course

Transformational Leadership: Leaders Take ACTION! Start Today ... Be A Better Leader Tomorrow!Learn the Hidden Leadership Secrets that Top CEOs & Team Leaders


Leadership & Management Skills Training

Free online Leadership & Management training course - Discover how to advance your career & boost company profits. Learn business leadership skills & techniques

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