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University Teaching

University Teaching is an introductory course in teaching and learning in tertiary education, designed by staff at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Hong Kong.

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“If history is our guide, we can assume that the battle between the intellect and will of the human species and the extraordinary adaptability of microbes will be never-ending.”

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Introduction to FinTech

Learn from leading academics and practitioners from around the world about the innovations, technology and regulation driving the transformation of finance.


Vernacular Architecture of Asia: Tradition, Modernity and Cultural Sustainability

Learn about built environments in Asia and how we can better conserve and sustain vernacular architecture in the future.

12h 30m


Engineering Calculus and Differential Equations

Learn fundamental concepts of single-variable calculus and ordinary differential equations, as well as their applications in engineering fields.


FinTech Ethics and Risks

Learn how individuals and organizations can utilize and regulate blockchain, AI, and other FinTech solutions to ensure their adoption does not come at the expense of societal growth.


Dinosaur Ecosystems

A global adventure to learn how palaeontologists use animal and plant fossils as well as living forms to reconstruct dinosaur ecosystems.


Doing Gender and Why it Matters

Understand gendered realities through an in-depth consideration of "sex" and "gender" as cultural, social and legal phenomena impacting society and how they interact with structures of power and violence using an interdisciplinary lens.


Blockchain and FinTech: Basics, Applications, and Limitations

Understand the design rationale of blockchain technology, its emerging platforms and applications and uncover the limitations and the opportunities enabled by blockchain applications, particularly as it relates to finance.


Implant Dentistry

Learn Implant Dentistry from world-class specialists and researchers! Join the state of art in the biology, the technology and clinical management in implant dentistry today!

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