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Advanced Pandas

Learn to handle complex data-sets and analyze your data in a principled way with Pandas.

2 h 5 m


Pandas Playbook: Manipulating Data

This course focuses on the core functionalities of Pandas for data wrangling, teaching you how to tackle everyday tasks for a data analyst, or data scientist.

2 h 25 m


Data Wrangling with Pandas for Machine Learning Engineers

This course will teach you the basics of data wrangling in Python using Pandas, including basic syntax, functions, and dataframe manipulation.


Pandas Playbook: Visualization

In this course, you will learn how to create a wide range of plots for your data, and how to customize them to make them both attractive and informative for your audience.

2 h 18 m


Data Manipulation with pandas

Use the world’s most popular Python data science package to manipulate data and calculate summary statistics.


Analyzing Police Activity with pandas

Explore the Stanford Open Policing Project dataset and analyze the impact of gender on police behavior using pandas.


Joining Data with pandas

Learn how to use pandas to join data from multiple tables together.


pandas Essential Training

Discover how to work with the pandas library and tools for data analysis and data structuring.

288 reviews

2 h 14 m


Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas

Learn how to get data from common file formats and systems like CSV files, spreadsheets, JSON, SQL databases, and APIs.


Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas

Build up your pandas skills and answer marketing questions by merging, slicing, visualizing, and more!

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