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Generic Programming Templates in C++

Templates are one of the many powerful features of Modern C++ programming. And with each new C++ standard, they become more important. Templates provide an efficient way to make your code more flexible and reusable, this way you can avoid repeating code that would otherwise be identical except for different types. Templates also give you the ability to provide abstraction without a performance penalty.


Docker for Developers

By now, you've probably heard the buzz around Docker. It's fundamentally changed the development process and been adopted by software teams of all sizes, and for good reason: Docker makes it considerably easier to create, deploy, and run applications with the use of containers.Docker is here to stay, and is becoming one of the most in-demand technologies on the market. Mastering it now will help you produce better software, level up your career, and stand out from the crowd.


Applied Machine Learning: Deep Learning for Industry

n this course, you'll level up your skills learned in the Industry Case Study and Machine Learning for Software Engineers.


A Practical Guide to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a powerful container management tool that's taking the world by storm.


Learn Object-Oriented Programming in Python

Learn to write cleaner, more modular, and more scaleable code in Python by gaining a master of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).


Recursion for Coding Interviews in C++

You’ll start with the basics of what recursion is and why it’s important before diving into what it looks like in practice


Machine Learning for Software Engineers

This course will teach you to write useful code and create impactful Machine Learning applications immediately


C# for Programmers: A Practical Guide

This course introduces you to fundamental programming concepts in C#, one of the most popular languages in the world


Modern C++ Concurrency: Get the most out of any machine

Concurrency with Modern C++" is a journey through the present and upcoming concurrency features in C++.


Kotlin Crash Course for Programmers - Learn Interactively

Kotlin is quickly joining the ranks of the most popular programming languages.