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Practice Java by Building Projects

Ultimate Java interview prep course! 100% focused on applying object-oriented design in real-world applications - Free Course


Featured on: Jun 14, 2018

  • Build 5 complete, end-to-end Java applications from scratch.
  • Implement core object-oriented programming techniques.
  • Optimize applications with best practices and sharpen your programming skills.
  • Master design principles and apply proper architecture to solve problems.
  • Apply inheritance, interfaces, access modifiers, encapsulation, polymorphism.
  • Use data structures and arrays to handle data sets and collection of objects.
  • Develop your own utility class to read data and export results to a file.
  • Analyze data from a file and apply conditional operations to make decisions.
  • Design a real-world project with abstract classes and abstract methods.
  • Use constructors, overloading, and overriding to enhance applications.
  • In my Practical Java course, you will build realistic projects from scratch. We will approach each program analytically and outline our approach to implement the solution. Then, piece by piece we will write the code to create a fully functioning application. Understand client scenarios and requirements Approach each problem analytically Write our solution outline Implement code step-by-step Apply core principals of object-oriented design Everyone hoping to start out in Java needs to practice! It's not enough to learn and watch, but you must try yourself! So enroll in this course and get typing!