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List of free udemy courses and certificaions to take online in 2024.


AIUniverse - Master ChatGPT Application for Content Creation

Master AIUniverse - A ChatGPT Application Use to Create 3D Videos, Short Stories, eBooks, Flipbooks, Voice Over And More

2 reviews

1 h 56 m


Overcome Social Anxiety: The TRI-S.E.P Method

A former sufferer turned professional Social Anxiety Coach shares a tried-and-true strategy for conquering Social Anxiety Disorder.

6 reviews

1 h 11 m


Mental Toolkit. Mastering the best practices in psychology

Mastering the best practices in modern psychology for personal growth & mental wellness

31 m


Google Ads: Advanced Campaign Structures & AI Optimization

Redefine Your Google Ads Strategy: Unearth AI-Enhanced Techniques

31 m


Conducting Research with AI: A Beginners Comprehensive Guide

Revolutionizing Research Methodologies: Maximizing Efficiency and Insight with Integration of Artificial Intelligence

17 reviews

1 h 41 m


Midjourney FREE AI Art Generation Guide with ChatGPT

Generate stunning AI art generation using Midjourney & ChatGPT with this Free course!

4 reviews

1 h 26 m


2024 - Introduction to Modern Responsive Web Development.

Introduction to Modern Responsive Web Development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


SharePoint Online Fundamentals

Getting Started with SharePoint Online

140 reviews

57 m

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23 reviews

1 h 58 m

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