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C Programming for Experienced Engineers

If you want to improve your C programming skills, you've come to the right place. To begin, you will learn about control flow and decision statements. Then you'll move on to loops, functions, and pointers.


Terraform: From Beginner to Master with Examples in AWS - Learn Interactively

In this course, you will learn Terraform from the ground up, beginning with what it is and the problems it solves. The course will then walk you through Terraform's features.

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168 Reviews

1 h 22 m


Suporte em TI do Google

Este certificado de cinco cursos, desenvolvido pelo Google, inclui um currículo inovador projetado para prepará-lo para uma função de nível básico em suporte de TI. Uma posição na área de TI pode ser um serviço de apoio pessoalmente ou remoto em uma pequena empresa ou em uma empresa global como o Google. Se você já lida com TI por algum tempo, ou é novo no campo, você veio ao lugar certo.

2K Reviews

240 h


Online Cryptocurrency Origins and Mechanics Course

Get a brief introduction on the origins of cryptocurrency training that helps to understand the basics, its origins, legalities and the technology behind it.

1 h 3 m


Python 3 Crash Course

A high intensity Python 3 crash course for existing programmers who want to learn Python

396 Reviews

1 h 37 m


Cryptocurrency | Wallets, Investing & Trading Masterclass

This course is a complete guide of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency for beginners. Quickly learn how to buy, invest and trade them on Cryptocurrency Exchange.


4 h


Geometric Illustration for Social Media: Make Your Vectors Pop - Illustration online course

Create unique and fun graphics using simple geometric shapes- Illustration online course by Jorsh Peña

9 Reviews

2 h 34 m


IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer

Offered by IBM. Kickstart your career in application development. Master Cloud Native and Full Stack Development using hands-on projects.

610 Reviews

156 h


An Introduction to Apache Airflow

In terms of features and functionality, Apache Airflow has become the dominant and ubiquitous Big Data workflow management system, leaving Oozie and other competitors far behind.