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List of the best linkedin courses and certifications to take online in 2021.

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Learning Google Flutter for Mobile Developers

Learn how to get started developing with Google Flutter, a mobile UI framework for creating native iOS and Android applications.

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1h 26m


Raspberry Pi: GPIO

Learn how to identify pins on the Raspberry Pi GPIO and program them to control lights and motors, read data from sensors, and interact with the Internet of Things.

1h 35m


InDesign CC 2018 Essential Training

InDesign 2018 Essential Training presents the core features and techniques that make this powerful page layout application so fun and easy to use—and provides a foundation to build more advanced skills and workflows

6h 30m


Lightroom Classic CC Essential Training (2015)

Lightroom Classic CC—whether it's a little or a lot—and kick it up a notch.

6h 17m


InDesign CC 2019 Essential Training

Learn the essentials of the world's premiere page layout application, Adobe InDesign.

5h 23m


SketchUp for Interior Design

Find out how to use SketchUp to visualize an interior design project quickly.

2h 17m


Sketching for Product Design and AEC

Learn sketching basics such as how to quickly generate shapes and forms, using planes, projection methods, line weights, and shade and shadow

3h 44m


NLP with Python for Machine Learning Essential Training

A quick summary of basic natural language processing (NLP) concepts

4h 14m