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Free Bluehost Tutorial - Cpanel Tutorial

Learn to Manage your Website, Email, DB, Files and more - Free Course


Featured on: Apr 3, 2018

By the end you will be able to use the CPanel Web Management area. You will be comfortable working with emails, Databases,FTP/File Manager, domains, Free SSL, Script Installations and so much more. Welcome to this Bluehost Tutorial. This course will teach you how to manage your Website, Emails and so much more on Bluehost. Since Bluehost uses Cpanel, feel free to watch this course to learn how to use the Cpanel. The skills will be transferrable to any web host you use. Provided they use Cpanel. This Bluehost Tutorial is about 2 hours long. The course is divided into short length videos which will be covering various Cpanel tutorials. The sections in this Bluehost tutorial include: Introduction to the Bluehost tutorial Bluehost intro and Vultr Bluehost Cpanel overview – Web Management area overview Assign domain to Bluehost – Namecheap domain to Bluehost Add a domain to bluehost part 2 Install WordPress on Bluehost Creating emails, using and managing them on Bluehost Connect email with outlook (Bluehost or any web host) Domains Tutorial – redirects – subdomains and more File Manager tutorial FTP Tutorial for Cpanel on Bluehost How to work with databases on Bluehost install magento on a subdomain in Bluehost You will also learn how to activate Free SSL on Bluehost Bluehost Tutorial final video