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List of the best others courses and certifications to take online in 2021.

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Learn 10 Entrepreneurial Skills

Learn 10 entrepreneurial skills to gain confidence, including an action plan and 5 key concepts for fast growth

Mayur Pangrekar


How Traders Interact with the Markets

Understanding how traders interact with the market is vital for traders. This course gives you an understanding of key concepts & tools that you need.


Tom Wiztek


Online Course to Develop 10 Entrepreneurial Skills –Become an Entrepreneur Confidently

Become an entrepreneur confidently with the help of this online course. Learn and Develop 10 entrepreneurial skills to build a strong foundation.

Mayur Pangrekar


Excel in an Hour

The GoSkills Excel in an Hour course is a free Excel tutorial for beginners, designed to take you from a complete newbie to being able to crush your everyday Excel tasks with ease.


Margin Trading Demystified

This is a vital course that every trader should take. It will leave you with a clear understanding of a vital trading concept.


Blockchain Explained for Dummies - The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide for Beginners! (Step by Step)

Learn the basics of blockchain technology, from the technical aspects to how it will revolutionize our world as we know it.


Hands-On RxJS for Web Development [Video]

Harness the power of RxJS by solving real-life web tasks with Reactive programming; use Observables to code less

Alexander Poshtaruk

5 h 28 m


Grow 10X with Unique Ability

You will learn step by step how to grow 10X with 4 step easy method to find your unique ability. Check out this online course for fast growth.

Mayur Pangrekar