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Introduction to Smart Contracts with Ethereum and Solidity

Learn how to use Foundry, a popular development toolbelt, to automate our entire development process. You will learn how to do the following throughout this course: Set up Smart Contracts safely and securely On your Smart Contract, you can write and read data. send transactions to your Smart Contract with specific arguments Use Forge and QuickNode to deploy your Smart Contract. And even more!


45 m


Blockchain For Beginners #4 - Solidity NFT Auction

Welcome back to another video in this blockchain for beginners series! We are going to continue where we left off from the last video and learn more about Solidity! Once we learn a few new things we are actually going to work on an NFT auction! This will work for any type of NFT which is really cool and I hope that you enjoy the video!

585 reviews

1 h 13 m


Safety in Construction

This course aims to familiarise students with the most recent safety and health regulations, as well as Indian Standards applicable to the construction industry. Students will be able to plan, assess, analyse, and manage hazardous construction project sites by the end of this course.


Digital Land Surveying And Mapping (DLS&M)

The course's goal is to teach the fundamentals of digital surveying and mapping of the earth's surface using a total station, GPS, and mapping software. This course will cover all of the major pericyclic reactions and organic photochemistry topics. This course will include tutorial sessions and assignments in addition to lectures.


Water Resources and Watershed Management

This course consists of 40 modules in total. These modules are broadly classified into four major groups. They cover the fundamentals of hydrology, water quality issues, tools and techniques for managing water resources and watersheds, and finally the societal and environmental aspects of water resources.


DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Skills for taking control of your thoughts, emotions, and relationships.


Free DBT Video Training

Free DBT Video Training: Get Instant Access What can DBT do for my clinical practice? Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) combines empirically validated techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with core mindfulness concepts. DBT is an empirically validated approach for working with mental health, addictions, and dual diagnosis clients. It is designed to empower clients to…


Astrology for Beginners with Kelly Surtees

Learn astrology from the ground up with one of the most accessible and fun teachers out there! Join Kelly to learn about beginner astrology


Free Solana + Rust Development online Course for Beginners

Our expanded beginner course will teach you how to write programmes on Solana using the Rust programming language. Following training, you will advance your career as a Rust blockchain developer with coding skills on Solana.

IdeaSoft Career


Body Language for Business

Free course with many practical tips and case studies to help you advance in your career. Based on the science of nonverbal communication, brought to you by subject experts.

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