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Free Saylor Academy Courses online

List of free Saylor Academy courses and certificaions to take online in 2024.


Operating Systems

Introduces you to current operating systems. We will focus on UNIX-based operating systems, but we will also learn about other operating systems, such as Windows.

120 h


Software Engineering

This course is intended to present software engineering as a body of knowledge. The course covers software engineering concepts and principles in relation to the software development life cycle.

36 h


Computer Architecture

Modern computer technology necessitates an understanding of both hardware and software, since the interaction of the two provides a framework for learning the fundamentals of computing.

48 h


Python for Data Science

The course will progress from introductory topics like Python review, matrix operations, and statistics to applications and program implementation for data mining, visualization, statistical models, and time series analysis.

67 h


Discrete Structures

Upon completion of this course, you will have the mathematical knowledge needed for a thorough examination of the science and technology that underpins the computer age.

44 h


Elementary Data Structures

Discuss both theoretical and practical aspects of algorithms and data structures. We will also learn how to implement and analyze data structures and algorithms in C/C++, taking into account both worst-case complexity and practical efficiency.

38 h


Bitcoin for Developers I

Learn about the fundamental blocks of Bitcoin, an open, decentralized system.

18 h


C++ Programming

Learn how to edit and compile programs in C++.

40 h


Introduction to Computer Science II

introduce you to a variety of more advanced Computer Science topics, establishing the groundwork for future study and success in the field.

51 h


Introduction to Computer Science I

This course will teach you about computer science and the principles of programming.

52 h