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Free Hubspot Academy Courses online

List of free Hubspot Academy courses and certificaions to take online in 2024.


Sales Management Training

Learn how to define a scalable sales process and explain it effectively. Explore coaching and onboarding strategies to help your sales staff grow.

4 h 23 m


Instagram Marketing and Ads Course

Teach you how to use your Instagram profile as a strong marketing tool. Learn how to improve your business profile, create appealing content, and track your results.

2 h 3 m


Learn Graphic Design for Beginners

The Graphic Design course offered by HubSpot Academy and Digital Marketing Institute will teach you how to develop excellent and cost-effective graphics for your business. Use essential ideas such as color theory, typography, and composition to build a cohesive visual identity for your company!

49 m


Blogging Course - How to Start a Successful Blog

This course is meant to provide you with the tools you need to generate high-quality, optimized content for your audience.

2 h 18 m


Content Strategy Course: Learn How to Create a Successful Content Strategy

Learn how to develop interesting and effective content with HubSpot Academy's Content Strategy Course.

4 h 18 m


Ecommerce Marketing Course - Essential Strategies to Drive Online Success

Learn how to create a winning ecommerce strategy using inbound marketing technique. This course, designed and taught by Groove Commerce industry specialists, is a must-have for anyone trying to succeed in ecommerce marketing.

34 m


Paid Media Course - How to Create a Paid Media Strategy

HubSpot Academy's Paid Media course teaches marketers of all levels how to create highly effective paid media campaigns, from fundamental knowledge of digital advertising to advanced techniques.


WordPress Training Course: Learn How to Build a WordPress Website Using Elementor

Learn how to secure your website with SSL, choose the best web hosting service, and easily navigate the frontend and backend of WordPress. Enroll and learn the essential skills for creating a beautiful and effective WordPress website.

1 h 11 m


Facebook Ads and Marketing Course

HubSpot Academy's Facebook Ads and Marketing course will teach you how to effectively utilize Facebook to engage with your target audience and create conversions.

48 m


Digital Advertising Training Course: Learn What Digital Advertising Is and How to Do It

Learn about journey-based advertising and how to apply it. Explore the social media and paid search advertising platforms, discover how to calculate your ad spend, see how organic and sponsored efforts may complement one another, and hear a digital advertising success story from a HubSpot customer.

1 h 42 m