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Express.js Node.js & MongoDB

Fast development never been easy - Free Course

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Featured on: May 22, 2018

  • Connect to MongoDB.
  • HTTP verbs.
  • Serve static content from server.
  • Build API for clients.
  • Build applications with Express.
  • Use Template engines.
  • Express Middleware.
  • Spin up databases running on the cloud.
  • Express is the most popular framework for Node.js. It allows you to spin up a web server in just about 3 lines of code. Express framework makes it easy to building web applications and api's for clients very fast. Even better when you can combine an entire application front to backend just using one single programming language 'Javascript'.This course will teach you the core concepts you need start building web applications and backend services. You will learn how to: Create API'SUnderstand core concepts about Express MiddlewaresServe static contentHTTP VerbsTemplate EnginesMongoDB running on the cloud (AWS) through MLAB

    Discount Offer

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