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Political Science

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Political Ideologies

Learn about Liberalism and Marxism. You will be introduced to the individual and their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution in many countries and Karl Marx.


Political Ideologies

You will learn about the main ideas of Nationalism and Republicanism and the reasons behind the extermination of the Jews, along with worked examples.


Modern Political Movements

Learn about Anarchism as a political philosophy and how the challenges to Modernism led to Postmodernism.


Fundamentals of American Civics in Elections

Learn about how the U.S cabinet is selected from federal departments, and how the executive branch of government uses case studies to run its affairs.


Free Online US Presidential Election 2020 Course

This free online course takes learners through the major issues facing Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the run up to the 2020 US Presidential Election.


Political Ideologies

Learn about Fascism and Conservatism. Understand the involvement of ordinary people in Fascism and how to keep away from the lethargy of Conservatism to evolve.


Corruption in Context Social, Economic & Political Dimensions

Learn about Corruption its adverse effects, drivers, history, perception and measurements of corruption and what has been done to fight it.


Preparation for the U.S. Citizenship Test

Learn about the requirements for the U.S citizenship test, which includes U.S. history and government structures in a multiple-choice format.


Politics In Turbulent Times - Online Politics Qualification - FutureLearn

Discover key trends in modern politics, and explore the global issues and challenges facing the world today, in this online microcredential from the University.

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