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Environmental Science

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Introduction to Ecology, Biogeography, Environment

In this course you will learn how to differentiate between ecological patterns and processes at different scales and levels of biological organisation.


Learn about Outdoor Recreation and Land Management

Learn about land as a commodity, the management of land, different types of land use; commercial, recreational and conservation, and the Aboriginal people.


Advanced Erosion Control Measures

Learn about Erosion Control Measures. Topics cover parabolic grassed waterways, permanent gully control structures, open channel hydraulics, hydraulic jump.


Introduction to Environmental Sustainability

Learn about environmental sustainability and its importance, the sustainability of energy resources such as wind and solar power compared with oil and gas.


Introduction to Erosion Control Measures

Learn about Erosion Control Measures. Topics cover bunds, contour bunds, graded bunds, terraces, bench terraces, broad-base terraces, and various problems.


Learn About Population and Community Ecology

Learn about species populations, also learn how life patterns evolve through natural selection, and how species behaviours are influenced by the environment.


Soil and Water Conservation

Learn about Soil and Water Conservation Engineering. Topics cover soil erosion, water erosion control measures, soil loss measurement, erosivity, erodibility.


Forest Mensuration and Survey

In this free online course, you will learn the basic guidelines for conducting forest surveys, measuring tree attributes and the Principles of Photogrammetry.

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