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Civil Engineering


Zero-Energy Design: an approach to make your building sustainable

Learn how to get to a net zero energy use of an existing building.

42 h


Engineering: Building with Nature

Learn how to create more effective and sustainable hydraulic infrastructure by applying ecological and engineering design principles.

25 h


Free Structural Engineering Tutorial - Introdução à análise estrutural com o FTOOL

Domine o uso do Ftool para obtenção de esforços solicitantes e deformações em estruturas Isostáticas e Hiperstáticas - Free Course

596 reviews

41 m


Free Civil Engineering Tutorial - Surveying and Mapping in Civil Engineering

Land Surveying Equipment, Land Surveying, Measurement, Contour Line - Free Course

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )3.7
201 reviews

SkyCiv Structural Engineering for Students: Reinf. Concrete

Using simple cloud-based applications, you may improve your structural analysis, modeling, and design skills.

21 reviews

1 h 16 m


Learn Basics of Project planning for Construction project

Learn the fundamentals of project planning, project scheduling, and project management using MS-Excel.

14 reviews

1 h 39 m


Civil & Structural Engineers and EPC of Process Plants

An insight into fields of specialization for civil & Strl engineers

(*)(*)(*)( )( )2.8
26 reviews

3 m


Airport Engineering & Its importance in Civil Engineering

A course in airport engineering to learn the fundamentals of the civil and construction industries, as well as engineering.

4 reviews

1 h 57 m


Safety in Construction

This course aims to familiarise students with the most recent safety and health regulations, as well as Indian Standards applicable to the construction industry. Students will be able to plan, assess, analyse, and manage hazardous construction project sites by the end of this course.


Earthquake Resistant Design of Foundations

The course covers various types of foundations, required soil investigations, soil parameters, and codes of practice.

32 h

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