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CBT: Worry Control With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This course is designed for those interested to learn the basics of CBT techniques useful in personal lives, and for professionals as value to clients, patients, students, or employees, for a worry-controlled life.

Aman Varma


Free Mindfulness Tutorial - Focus Toolkit

Tools to support your well being in day to day life by bringing together mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. - Free Course

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4
1K Reviews

Free Mental Health Tutorial - Health and Wellness: Using CBT to Boost Self-confidence

A course that implements psychological approaches and latent mental health themes - Free Course

(*)(*)(*)(*)( )3.5
93 Reviews

ANXIETY Relief - CBT Anxiety relief Plan

Ultimate Step by Step CBT Relief Plan to overcome Worry, General Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders and PTSD Anxiety.

Aman Varma

1 Reviews

2 h 5 m


All CBT cognitive therapy techniques, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, Psychosis

All CBT cognitive therapy techniques, anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, Psychosis

1 h 7 m


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills: Counselor Toolbox

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people identify unhelpful thoughts and get unstuck from negative thinking, anxiety, depression and anger.

1 h 33 m


CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Human Mind Owner’s Manual)

CBT: Take back your power, stop self-sabotage, reprogram your mind, master your emotions & stop negative thinking

502 Reviews

5 h


The Fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Explore and understand the Foundational Ideas, Principles and Core Practices of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

623 Reviews

6 h


CBT Coach Practitioner Certification (ACCREDITED)

A fully comprehensive CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Coach Practitioner Certification Course - The Priority Academy

465 Reviews

9 h


CBT Cognitive Behavior Life Coach Certification: Accredited

With CBT: Empower coaching clients to stop self-sabotage, reprogram their mind, master emotions & stop negative thinking

1.7K Reviews

5 h 5 m

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