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Best Swayam Courses online

List of the best swayam courses and certifications to take online in 2022.


Measure Theory

Measure theoretic techniques are thus a must-have for any mathematician.


Introductory Neuroscience & Neuro-Instrumentation

This course is a systems, design-oriented course aimed to provide exposure to Neuroscience and its importance in the real world.


Course Design and Instruction of Engineering Course

Design of Courses in an Instructional System Design framework and planning the Instruction follow after designing good Course Outcomes in the framework provided by NBA.


Inclusion and Technology Design

This course presents a brief conceptual and practical toolkit for combining the technical and social support required for achieving greater inclusion in the design of ICTs.


Recent Advances in Transmission Insulator

The course starts with an introduction to the importance of EHV /UHV transmission, its present and future growth.


Design and Simulation of Power conversion using open source tools

This course emphasises learning and understanding converter topologies through the aid of open sources tools like octave, gEDA and ngSpice.


Electrochemical Technology in Pollution Control

The course aims to introduce the fundamental principles of electrochemistry for routine and non-routine analysis, electrochemical processes used in the industry, battery and fuel cell technologies


Electronics equipment integration and Prototype building

This course teaches registrants on how to make a working prototype of electronic equipment.


Integrated Marketing Management

The course provides a good foundation on the essentials of Marketing Management .


Software Testing

The course will be useful for any firm that does tests their software.