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Best Bitdegree Courses online

List of the best bitdegree courses and certifications to take online in 2022.


Mayur Pangrekar

8 Reviews

3 h


Python Image Recognition: Hands-On Artificial Intelligence Course

Wondering how python image recognition works? Wonder no more, you can learn artificial intelligence and python image recognition by following this course.

5 h 37 m


Learn Swift Programming: Easy to Learn Visual Programming Method

Wondering how to learn swift programming? You can learn swift and visual programming by following this swift programming tutorial.

2 h 38 m


Kubernetes Docker Tutorial: Learn How To Use Docker And Kubernetes

Two-in-one Kubernetes Docker tutorial for mastering how to run & deploy apps. Learn how to use Docker and Kubernetes in this Kubernetes Docker tutorial.

7 h 15 m


How to Make a Puzzle Game App: IOS Game Development Course

Wish to know how to make a puzzle game app for iOS? Enroll in this IOS game development course and learn how to make a puzzle game from scratch.


The Complete AWS Cloud Practitioner Training

Everything you need to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam and become proficient in cloud computing


A Masterclass Course on Website Optimization: Learn Split Testing Now

Website optimization is important for your conversion rate. Find out what is split testing and the best website optimization methods.

1 h 32 m


Learn Low Poly Blender Character Modeling: A Simple Blender Tutorial

Blender character modeling made simple! Follow this course to learn blender character modeling techniques and create a low poly character.

15 h 25 m