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Learn To Build Apps With ECMAScript ES2015

JavaScript’s new version ES6 is out. Learn how to build apps using ECMAScript 6, in this ES6 tutorial.

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Featured on: Mar 5, 2019

This video tutorial will break down all new features and the latest syntax of ES2015 and will make you JavaScript master. It will cover concepts such as JavaScript fundamentals, objects and classes, object-oriented programming, loops, functions, arrays, variables, iterators, modules, generators, etc.

The course will also touch base on other JavaScript related technologies such as Node.JS, Data Flow, Babel/Traceur, and more.

Following a general understanding of the latest version, you will then progress on to learning the many features of JavaScript E6 in detail, after which you will put all of it into practice by creating a functional project using all of the features you’ve just studied.

4.500 4.5

(229 ratings)

Discount Offer

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