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Learn Ansible From Ground Up: The Devops Guide

Learn Application Deployment , Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery Using Ansible

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Featured on: Jun 4, 2018

  • Learn to automate your IT infrastructure tasks.
  • Learn continuous delivery and deployment using Ansible.
  • Learn to manage and configure your infrastructure optimally.
  • Learn using labs and real world examples.
  • Building server architectures from scratch is a tedious tasks, that requires writing hours and hours of boring, repetitive and boring codes over and over again. Well, with Ansible you can reduce your coding hours significantly.Ansible is currently one of the most popular IT automation software on the market that makes it easy to set up, configure and deploy your servers and IT systems. Additionally, it also helps design a complete network from the ground up.When it comes to automation software, Ansible offers some amazing benefits when compared to others such as:no need for central serversuses SSH nativelydoes not require any agent to be installeduses Python as the primary languageis relatively easy to learnThis course as been designed to help you journey from a newbie automation tool user to an expert and a specialist. This course will help you start from the very beginning, understanding exactly how to get started with Ansible.This course assumes you have never worked with any automation tool and only requires you to know how to work with Linux, everything else we will take care of! On this Ansible journey, you will not only learn why Ansible is the best, but also how to install it, set up its environment, learn key components and actually start automating your servers using this brilliant software.At the end of this course, you will not only have the knowledge to get started with Ansible, but also the experience to start integrating Ansible into your own work life. Packed with numerous examples and step-by-step instructions, this course is your shot at becoming an automation wizard!

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