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Hello React - React Training for JavaScript Beginners

React Training for Those Who Don't Code Good - Free Course


Featured on: Jun 2, 2018

  • Know the fundamentals of ReactJS.
  • Unidirectional Dataflow in React.
  • JSX.
  • ES6 Classes.
  • Functional Components.
  • State.
  • Props.
  • Map.
  • Filter.
  • JavaScript.
  • Ajax Requests.
  • Lifecycle Methods.
  • Welcome to Hello React. This is aimed towards those who are new to JavaScript development and while you may not have mastered JavaScript you want to learn more about using the React library. React has a steep learning curve for new developers. If you have found yourself quickly overwhelmed by the React Docs or other React tutorials then this is the course for you. This isn't the only React course you should take but it should be your first. If you are an experienced developer. This course is too easy for you. Please don't take it. This course is for people who are new to programming. This isn't for experienced coders changing from one coding language to another or for experienced JavaScript developers looking to pick up a new framework. Here is what I will provide for you: A React course you can actually finish. A React course you can actually understand. A React course that moves step by step with no steps skipped. Reviews. Lot's of reviews. Challenges. Lot's of challenges. Mini-projects. Lot's of mini-projects. This course assumes a light knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, if you have been using any of those technologies for at least a couple months you will be in good shape for this course. To steal the words from Zoolander. This is a React course for "those who don't code good." Here is why this course stands out: This will be the slowest moving React course you will find. This will focus on the basic fundamentals that could be of great help in future React courses you might take or understanding the React Docs. This is not a "zero to hero" course. Those don't really work. This is a "zero to 20mph" kind of course. I will take for granted as little as possible in teaching sections and reinforcing what we have learned. This isn't a code along course alone. Through lots of challenges and repetition you will be able to take everything we learn and build with it. You won't wide up with an elaborate project for your portfolio that you don't understand. I will filter through and synthesize large and complex React concepts and break them down to a practical beginner level. We will build slow, but you will understand what we are doing. We aren't going to build one big app but many smaller applications where you learn key concepts. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. We will repeat things a lot.


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