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Python & Cryptocurrency: Build 5 Real World Applications

Build five projects using live cryptocurrency data from the web. We will use the free CoinMarketCap crypto API.


Featured on: Jul 6, 2018

  • Use the CoinMarketCap API to create applications with real-time cryptocurrency data..
  • Use APIs to fetch JSON from any website..
  • Learn Python tips and tricks for parsing JSON and formatting information.
  • In this course we will take a deep dive into the CoinMarketCap API endpoints and create 5 applications. We will be using the recently released CoinMarketCap v2 API. 5 Bonus Projects: A Cryptocurrency Portfolio App Track all of your crypto assets with ease. See the total value of all your crypto assets combined along with detailed information about each one. Positive and negative values are color coated green and red. A Real-Time Price Alert App Get notified when cryptocurrencies hit certain prices in USD. You can keep this program running in the background. Your computer will shout things like, 'Litecoin hit $1200!'. A Top 100 Cryptocurrency Ranking App Sort by rank, daily percentage change, or daily volume. Positive and negative values are color coated green and red. Predict The Future Values of the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Explore what the price of cryptocurrencies will be if the global market cap hits certain levels (such as world stock market levels) Store Real-Time Information on 1000 Cryptocurrencies in Excel Using Python Learn to store cryptocurrency information inside of excel workbooks using Python.


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