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3 h 32 m


Design Patterns Online Training

Our self-paced Design Patterns training helps you become a top-class design architect. The course also earns you a design patterns certification

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Using Cookies and JWTs for Secure Authentication Course

Refactor an existing authentication project by using cookies and JSON Web Token to increase security. Cookies are a way for a browser to store information while tokens are a stand-in or representation for something else.

1 h 18 m


Software Design and Architecture

In the Software Design and Architecture Specialization, you will learn how to apply design principles, patterns, and architectures to create reusable and flexible software applications and systems.

426 Reviews

64 h


High Performance Computer Architecture

The HPCA course covers performance measurement, pipelining, and improved parallelism through various means.


A/B Testing for Business Analysts

The A/B Testing course provides students with the foundational knowledge to design and analyze A/B tests to create business insights and support decision making.


Free ARCHICAD Tutorial - Curso Archicad BIM - Nivel Básico

Aprende Archicad BIM con ejercicios prácticos. Especial para el que no ha usado un software BIM - Free Course

481 Reviews

A/B Testing

Design and implement an A/B test to determine the efficacy of potential improvements to an online site or mobile app while specifying metrics to measure.


Software Development Process

Software Development Processes explores requirements engineering, architecture and design, testing, and software quality in general.


Software Architecture & Design

Software Architecture and Design teaches the principles and concepts involved in the analysis and design of large software systems.

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