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Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic

Learn the fundamentals of propositional and predicate logic to help you succeed in Discrete Math!

50 Reviews

1h 30m


Discrete Mathematics: Beginner's Complete, Math Crash Course

Discrete Mathematics for Beginners: Number, Graph & Set theory, Proofs, Combinatorics & more!

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126 Reviews



Discrete Mathematics - Complete Course

Master the fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics

6 Reviews

4h 30m

Discrete Mathematics

The course will be an introduction to Discrete Mathematics which comprises of the essentials for a computer science student to go ahead and study any other topics in the subject.


[Discrete Mathematics] Introduction to Graph Theory

We introduce a bunch of terms in graph theory like edge, vertex, trail, walk, and path.




20 Reviews

Discrete Math and Analyzing Social Graphs

The main goal of this course is to introduce topics in Discrete Mathematics relevant to Data Analysis.

94 Reviews

Master Discrete Mathematics: Set Theory

Learn the fundamentals of set theory to help you succeed in Discrete Math!

101 Reviews

1h 30m


Master Discrete Mathematics-Set Theory, Relations & More

Learn Discrete Math as Discrete Math forms the basis of Computer Science.

171 Reviews



Discrete Math Series : Propositional Logic masterclass

Learn Discrete Mathematics from scratch as Discrete Mathematics form the core of Computer Science

61 Reviews

3h 30m

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