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Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving

Learn Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving from University of Colorado Boulder.

1778 Reviews


1778 Reviews



Introduction to Data Analysis Reporting using Microsoft Excel

Data in itself may not be of much use, unless you know how to use data reporting tools to make sense of them. This course gives you just that-the knowledge needed to turn data into professional reports by using Consolidate, Advanced Filtering for extraction and creating Pivot Tables and Charts.


Learn Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Advanced Training

Want to master all the elements of Microsoft Excel, and earn a certificate on top of that? That too, at all of $9? Then, enroll today for this excellent opportunity to learn about all the features of MS Excel in all its details. Learn to use shortcuts, formulae, and formatting, to become an ace user.


Learn Excel Pivot Tables in under an Hour

Microsoft Pivot Tables is a brilliant tool for analyzing loads and loads of data from huge worksheets. This course will show you how to use this tool to make sense of humungous amounts of data, which can otherwise confuse you. Learn everything about Pivot Tables from the expert, Simon Lambourne.


Excel Masterclass: Complete and Concise Microsoft Excel

Understand the Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel for study or as a career opportunity, Knowing Excel data tools like Sorting, Filtering, Data validations and Data importing, Essential Excel formulas and Much More.


Best Microsoft Excel Courses from Beginner to Advanced

MS Excel is a wonderfully versatile program with which to perform an amazing variety of functions. At this course, Kirt Kershaw will include three levels from Beginner to Advanced, making you a champion Microsoft Excel user. Learn this course for just $12 and get certified.


Learn VBA Macros

A macro is a programming language that runs in MS excel environment. The tool we used to write macros is VBA editor. 

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