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List of the best alison courses and certifications to take online in 2021.

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Modules: Human Resource Course Certificate - HR Management

This course introduces learners to the main concepts and processes used in Human Resources management (HRM) practices and procedures.

1 h 3 m


Music Producer Masterclass

Learn about producing, composing, mixing, and mastering your own electronic music with this free online course.


Modules: Online Course on Numbers and Sequences in Mathematics

Learn about the important mathematical topics such as work with numbers, sequences, scientific notation, multiplying powers, imaginary and irrational numbers.


Modules: Urban Gardening for Beginners

Study the fundamentals of how to start your own plant and vegetable garden at home. Follow easy step-by-step guides on choosing plants and plant care.

1 h 3 m


Maya and Unity 3D Mobile Game Modeling

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of mobile gaming using the Maya and Unity platforms and learn how to model and design 3D realistic mobile games.

1 h 3 m


Free Online Course in Solar Energy and Solar PV Technology

In Alison's free solar energy course, learn about solar technology, how solar technology can be used and how to encourage the use of solar power.


Free Online Wind Energy Training Course and Wind Turbines

In this free course from Alison, learn about wind power and wind turbine technology. Learn about grid integration and the positives of renewable energy.


English for Media Literacy

Learn about how to demonstrate your increased media literacy by through a culminating final project on social media.


Strategies of Economic Growth and Development

Topics cover trends in development thinking, balanced growth models, Big Push theory, basic Solow model.


Environmental Quality Monitoring and Analysis

In this course you will learn how a pollutant flows in the environment, from emission, to transportation and the subsequent health effects on living organisms.