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Learning Path Series-Get Started in Game Development with UNITY


Unity is the best-known game development engine in the market today. It's a cross-platform engine developed by Unity Technologies and first released in 2005. They have two separate engines for game development in 2D as well as 3D.

Job Opportunities

Game Development is a powerful and niche field. Consequently, the jobs in the field are also niche. However, the number of candidates are also usually less than typical web development or software programmers. One thing to cheer about is, an increasing number of companies are entering into game development, gamifying learning, training, animated onboarding experiences and so far. The field is experiencing growth and is not on the radar for a typical programmer or beginner in the field. So as long as you're flexible about the industry you choose to work in, learning game development can help you move forward your career.

Beginners Topics in Unity Game Development- 3D[ Days 1 - 5]

  1. Introduction, Overview of User Interface
  2. Creating a Project, Layouts, Pans, Tabs
  3. Scene, hierarchy, project, inspector, game
  4. Manipulating Objects- Selecting, Moving, Rotating, Scaling, Snapping, Parenting
  5. Understanding different Asset Types
  6. Importing 3D models, importing audio,
  7. Importing Textures, Scripts and Asset Packages

Intermediate Topics in Unity Game Development- 3D[ Days 6 - 13]

  1. Setting a Scene, adding components to Game Object
  2. Realistic Terrain, borders for a scene
  3. Catch Zones
  4. Physics- Rigid bodies and Colliders
  5. Physical Materials- Cloths, Rags, houses et.
  6. Combining Assets- Textures Atlases, 3D Modeling programs
  7. Combining Assets- Prefabs and Materials
  8. Adding Meshes for Scene Population

Advanced Topics in Unity Game Development- 3D[ Days 14 - 21]

  1. Behavior Scripting- Languages
  2. Game Objects- Procedural Object Instantiation
  3. Pickup and Scoring
  4. Culling- Camera, Distance, Occlusion
  5. Animation- Procedural Character Animation
  6. Animation- Mecanim Character Animation
  7. Light Settings- Sun, Moon, Point Light and Local illumination
  8. GUIs

Complementary Skills

Game Development is a creative effort. Hence some of the skills required in game development are not just programming skills but creative skills as well. We believe these skills would help anyone become a better all-round game developer:

  1. Creative Writing, Story planning 
  2. Animation
  3. HTML 5, CSS-3
  4. Javascript
  5. Passion for Games!

Popular Job Titles with REACT JS Skills

  1. Unity Game developer
  2. Software Engineer- Gaming
  3. Unity 2D or Unity 3D Developer
  4. Product Manager


This brings us to the end of this learning path for Game Development on Unity Platform. We hope this learning path helped you. Let us know in case of any further questions or feedback here, QuickCode team will be here to help you with your learning needs.