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Vue.js Fast Crash Course

Learn to use the popular and hot JavaScript Framework VueJs / Vue or Vue.js - Free Course


Featured on: Mar 30, 2018

And the end of the course students will how know how to use Vue.js to create great Javascript features in their applications. This Javascript Framework called Vue.js, or Vue has become very popular, especially in the Laravel community. Vue has adopted and improved many features of the other bigger frameworks like Angular, React and Ember. With Vue you can be up and running within 3 minutes. We can link to a local Vue script, use a CDN or just use the amazing CLI to create single file applications with ease. No more do we need to rely on jQuery to create really cool functionalities since Vue makes it a lot easier to play around with the DOM and create really amazing functionalities in our app with less code. Learning to use this Javascript framework has become important since developers are always in need of fast, flexible and easy to implement Frameworks.. This course covers the main Vue features so that anybody can be up and running with it in no time. Here are some of the things we are covering Data binding Control Structures Conditionals Lists redering Computed properties Components Routing HTTP


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