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PHP registration, login and content management system

Controlling access to your web pages and data

4.500 4.5 (47 ratings)

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Featured on: Mar 15, 2019

With this course, create a custom registration and login system that will allow the administrator to control exactly which users will have access to which web pages.

This course will teach you how to build a secure user registration and login system and a content management system that will allow you to control exactly who has access to your data and web pages. Features of the system will be:

  • Registration will include email confirmation to verify identity
  • Users will be allowed to change their own passwords
  • The site administrator will be able to create groups and assign users and web pages to those groups
  • Users will only have access to the web pages as signed to groups that they are members of

4.500 4.5

(47 ratings)

258 enrollments

Discount Offer