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Learn Laravel 5 CRUD by creating To-Do List application

You will create a simple application that handles daily tasks. You will add them to database, read, update and delete. - Free Course

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Featured on: Jul 18, 2018

  • You will be able to code simple To-Do List application in very popular php framework - Laravel 5.
  • You will be able to code any simple crud application in Laravel (crud - create read update delete).
  • Very simple and basic introduction to Laravel 5 by creating a simple application. The application will allow you to add tasks to the database, read them on website, update to completed or not completed and delete them. You will learn simple database operations in Laravel framework - create, read, update and delete called CRUD. You have to have a server installed on your computer (Xamp, Wamp, Linux etc.). Make sure to meet the requirements for Laravel installation: check Laravel version in composer.json file and then check in the documentation of Laravel which version of PHP and other tools you need. The course was made in Laravel 5.5 but you can follow this course at any 5.* version of Laravel.

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