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Enabling Data Source Discovery with Azure Data Catalog

Learn how Azure Data Catalog enables enterprises to achieve a focused business impact by discovering and connecting to diverse data assets and by enabling self-service data source discovery.


Featured on: Nov 8, 2018

Azure Data Catalog helps data producers and data consumers to discover, organize, and understand diverse data assets, and it enables self-service data source discovery with a crowdsourced model of metadata and annotation in a community and culture of data. In this computer science course, data professionals and business intelligence experts can get hands-on with the cloud-based Azure Data Catalog service to see how it works. Start with an overview of Azure Data Catalog and its abilities, and then look at adopting and creating a Data Catalog. Register data sources, discover and annotate assets, and define a Business Glossary. Get the details on administering and securing the catalog so you can get the most from—and help protect—existing information assets. Don’t miss this chance to see how Azure Data Catalog delivers a server-less metadata repository that can empower your organization to get more value from its existing data sources.