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C++ For Absolute Beginners : The Starter Guide

Learn professional C++ development from ground up with no prior programming experience


Featured on: Jun 6, 2018

  • Learn the core concepts of C++.
  • Learn procedural and object oriented programming in C++.
  • Learn to work with templates.
  • Learn exception handling and other advance concepts.
  • The course starts with an introduction of C++, as well as its history and benefits of using C++. Following this you’ll delve right into foundational concepts such as variables, constants, conditionals, arrays, manipulation of data in arrays, looping through arrays, structs, and lightweight classes. From there you’ll progress on to learning about more complex data structures such as classes, functions, pointers, constructors, methods, templates, vectors, and even exception handling. Each module will delve deeper to help you understand the concept from the start to end. That’s not all, in addition to theory and examples, each module will end in with a challenge to help you master the subject. At the end of this course, you will be not only be prepared, but also confident to start designing kickass apps and programs of your own with C++ programming language.


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