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AWS Developer: Deploying on AWS

Learn from AWS experts how to leverage your developer skills to deploy applications in the AWS Cloud.


Featured on: Sep 14, 2018

Get hands-on training from AWS staff to deploy applications on the AWS platform.In this course, part of the AWS Developer Professional Series, you will learn how to use DevOps methodologies and tools. You will build and test your application using AWS Cloud9, and deploy to your cloud-based infrastructure with AWS Elastic Beanstalk. You will create a continuous integration/continous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline using AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeCommit, and AWS CodePipeline.You will monitor your application and deployment using Amazon Cloudwatch, and create dashboards using Amazon Elasticsearch and Kibana to gather and catalog performance metrics.This course will have a significant hands-on component. Throughout the class, you will perform exercises using the AWS services covered. The exercises will utilize the AWS Free Tier to minimize any costs associated with running your application.Class discussions will provide an opportunity for you to interact with fellow students as well as AWS training staff.


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