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30 Days of Python - Unlock your Python Potential

Python is simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for the pros. Use it for IOT, Web Scraping, Big Data, and more.

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Featured on: Mar 15, 2019

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the basics of Python
  • Build applications using Python
  • Send emails with Python
  • Scrape websites with Python to pull data
  • Scrape dynamic-loaded (javascript-loaded) websites with Python
  • Read and parse emails using Python
  • Read / write CSV (comma separated values) files to work in Excel/Numbers
  • Use the twitter API to send tweets easily through a few lines of code
  • Use the yelp API to pull data about all businesses they have on their site

The goal of this course is to make you learn Python by building real projects step-by-step while it explains every concept along the way.

4.300 4.3

(5,210 ratings)

174,176 enrollments

Discount Offer