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Philosophy, Science and Religion: Philosophy and Religion

Learn Philosophy, Science and Religion: Philosophy and Religion from The University of Edinburgh.

24 Reviews

14 h


Free Buddhism Tutorial - O propósito da vida ensinado no Budismo

Qual é a natureza da felicidade eterna que se alcança quando o propósito da vida é realizado? - Free Course

138 Reviews

1 h 4 m

55 Reviews

56 m


Religious Transformation in Early China: the Period of Division

This sequence of four courses will propose a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Chinese cultural history conceived of as a succession of modes of rationality (philosophical, bureaucratic, and economic).

9 Reviews

13 h


Christianity Through Its Scriptures

Learn about Christianity through a study of its sacred scriptures.


Hinduism Through Its Scriptures

Learn about the rich diversity of Hindu sacred texts – hymns, narratives, philosophical thought – and their interpretations.


Sikhism Through Its Scriptures

This course examines the Sikh scripture from a doctrinal and historical perspective by providing an overview of Sikh teachings as well as the historical context within which the scripture evolved and became canonized.


Reading Religious Conversion

The course "Reading Religious Conversion" exposes you to a wealth of conversion stories from across the globe and throughout history. The texts explore the complex aspects of religious identities and the varied expressions of community belonging and social borders.


Buddhism Through Its Scriptures

Learn about the rich and diverse beliefs and practices of Buddhists across time and place.


Islam Through Its Scriptures

Learn about the Quran, the central sacred text of Islam, through an exploration of the rich diversity of roles and interpretations in Muslim societies.

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