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Quantum Computing

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Professional Certificate in Quantum 101: Quantum Computing & Quantum Internet

Drive your career forward to Professional Certificate in Quantum 101: Quantum Computing & Quantum Internet


Introduction to Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the next frontier in computer technology. This course spells out what it is, what it might mean to existing organizations, and how it will impact our future.


Physical Basics of Quantum Computing

Quantum information and quantum computations is a new, rapidly developing branch of physics that has arisen from quantum mechanics, mathematical physics and classical information theory.

3 Reviews

The Introduction to Quantum Computing

"Quantum Computing" is among those terms that are widely discussed but often poorly understood.

64 Reviews

Quantum Computing III: Algorithm and Software

Learn domain-specific quantum algorithms and how to run them on present-day quantum hardware.

840 h


Quantum Computing I: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental postulates of quantum mechanics and how they can be mapped onto present-day quantum information processing models, including computation, simulation, optimization, and machine learning.

840 h

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137 Reviews

Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning

Foundational Course for Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning

7 Reviews

2 h 5 m

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