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Introduction to Psychology

Learn Introduction to Psychology from Yale University. What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness?

20.6K reviews

15 h


A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

This is undoubtedly one of life's most pressing questions, and it has piqued the interest of many of our forefathers. Buddha famously abandoned his kingdom in pursuit of happiness. Several Greek philosophers (ranging from Aristotle to Epicurus, Plato to Socrates) had different ideas about what it takes to be happy. Of course, we all have our own ideas about happiness.

5.6K reviews

28 h


Introduction to Psychology

Learn Introduction to Psychology from University of Toronto. This course will highlight the most interesting experiments within the field of psychology, discussing the implications of those studies for our understanding of the human mind and ...

4.3K reviews

23 h


Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health

Learn Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health from The University of Sydney.

2.8K reviews

20 h


Positive Psychology

Learn Positive Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This course discusses research findings in the field of positive psychology, conducted by Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues.

3.1K reviews

11 h


Positive Psychology

Learn Positive Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

700 reviews

9 h


COVID-19: Psychological First Aid Training Course

Get psychological first aid training online and learn how to help people cope with the emotional toll of COVID-19, with Public Health England's free online course.

3.9K reviews

3 h


The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs

This course provides an introduction to: 1. Basic concepts of The Strategies and Skills Learning and Development System (SSLD), their relevance for every day relationships and provide advanced concepts for participants.

18 reviews

22 h


Free Psychology Tutorial - Learn Social Psychology Fundamentals

Learn the basics of social psychology - how we think about people, make decisions and navigate the social world. - Free Course

4K reviews

1 h 16 m


Mindware: Critical Thinking for the Information Age

This course introduces fundamental concepts from statistics, probability, scientific methodology, cognitive psychology, and cost-benefit theory and demonstrates how they can be applied to everything from choosing one product over another to critiquing media accounts of scientific research.

1K reviews

13 h

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