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Machine Learning Python: Regression Modeling

The course "Machine Learning Basics: Building Regression Model in Python" teaches you all the steps of creating a Linear Regression model, which is the most popular Machine Learning model, to solve business problems.


Machine Learning With AWS

In this course we will learn and practice all the services of AWS Machine Learning which is being offered by AWS Cloud. There will be both theoretical and practical section of each AWS Machine Learning services



If you have interest in machine learning as well as cloud computing then this course for you. This course will let you use your machine learning skills deploy in cloud


Complete IOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass

n 2017, Apple has made Machine Learning available in iOS 11 so that anyone can build smart apps and games for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TVs. Nowadays, apps and games that do not have an ML layer will not be appealing to users.


Machine Learning From Scratch Through Python

This course is for those who want to step into Artificial Intelligence domain, specially into Machine Learning, though I will be covering Deep Learning in deep as well.


Machine Learning Using Weka Software

This is the bite size course to learn Weka and Machine Learning. You will learn Machine Learning which is the Model and Evaluation of CRISP Data Mining Process


Full Machine Learning Course: Data Science With RStudio

Students who have a knowledge of mathematics who want to learn about Machine Learning with R Intermediate users who know the fundamentals of Machine learning as the classical linear or logistic regression algorithms but seek to learn more and explore other fields of statistical learning


Machine Learning And Training Neural Network In MATLAB

Machine Learning is the up and upcoming branch of Artificial Intelligence and it holds great promises for the generations to come



This course is designed for any graduates as well as Software Professionals who are willing to learn data science in simple and easy steps using R programming, Python Programming, WEKA tool kit and SQL


Learn Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

In this course we will give you the knowledge of the fundamentals concepts of the field of Artificial Intelligence. This course is designed specifically for beginners where we will take you step by step through our intuitive curriculum. Please have a look through the concepts and work your way through the quizzes.

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