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GraphQL Essential Training

Get started with GraphQL, a query language for APIs. Learn about the basic types and fields, how to set up persistence, how to work with items with mutations, and more.


A Practical Guide to GraphQL: From the Client Perspective

It offers an interactive learning experience, starting off with a general introduction to GraphQL and proceeding to allow you to play with GraphQL Queries and Mutations using GitHub’s GraphQL API.


GraphQL: The Big Picture

In this course, you will learn about GraphQL, it's core concepts, and why you should choose GraphQL to build your APIs. Explore the growing GraphQL ecosystem and tools that provide you a superior developer experience.


Complete guide to building a GraphQL API

Everything you need to know to build your own GraphQL API

151 Reviews

Building Better APIs with GraphQL

Step-by-step guide to building a better and faster API with GraphQL

128 Reviews

Basics of GraphQL with Ruby on Rails

Learn to use GraphQL in a Rails app to talk to your front-end clients.

67 Reviews

Build a GraphQL server for Node.js, using PostgreSQL-MySQL

Tutorial: How to write a GraphQL server for Node.js from scratch, with PostgreSQL / MySQL as a data store.


How to GraphQL - The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL

Fullstack GraphQL Tutorial to go from zero to production covering all basics and advanced concepts.


GraphQL Full Course - Novice to Expert

Complete course on GraphQL where you will create a full-stack application from scratch

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