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List of the free courses and certifications to take online in 2023.

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Discover Effective Online Business Ideas

A-Z guide to understanding the potential of numerous online business models and selecting the best one for you.

166 reviews

11 h 7 m

61 reviews

1 h 42 m


Yoga for Back Health FREE Course - Yoga Alliance YACEP

FREE: Create Long Lasting Change with Yoga for Back Health

20 reviews

1 h 5 m


ChatGPT Quick Guide - Prompt Engineering, Plugins, and more!

In just two hours, you'll be able to improve your ChatGPT skills using plugins, the code interpreter, and prompt engineering!

764 reviews

2 h


How To Outsource Your Online Business

How to Use Virtual Assistants to Duplicate Yourself and Get More Done

127 reviews

1 h 34 m


A Complete Guide to Camtasia

This free online course will teach you how to use Camtasia editing software to master screen recording and video production.

1.5K reviews

How to boost your online business using Facebook

With effective tips, learn how to start an online career as an affiliate marketer and promoter on Facebook and other platforms.

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140 reviews

3 h 45 m


Cloud Data Warehouses

Learn how to build cloud-based data warehouses. You'll hone your data warehousing skills, gain a better grasp of data infrastructure, and be introduced to cloud data engineering with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced

This Business Analytics course focuses on the latter, introducing students to analytical frameworks for decision making via Excel modeling. Linear and Integer Optimization, Decision Analysis, and Risk Modeling are examples of these.

1.1K reviews

23 h


Introduction to Generative AI

This is a beginner-level microlearning course that explains what Generative AI is, how it works, and how it differs from typical machine learning methods. It also covers Google Tools, which will assist you in developing your own Gen AI apps.

1.8K reviews

1 h