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Human Genetics

The study of human genetics can be intellectually fascinating, but it also has plenty of practical applications

32 h


Plant pathology and Soil Health

Plant pathology, it is also called as phytopathology deals with the cause, etiology, resulting losses and control or management of the plant diseases

12 h


Tourism and travel Management

Tourism is seen from the point of view of both business and leisure and travel is the mode through which a tourist moves from one place to another.

48 h


Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition deals with the processing and preservation food as well as consumption of balanced diet by individual.

48 h


Food Microbiology

Food microbiology is the study of the microorganisms that inhabit, create, or contaminate food.

48 h


Food Chemistry

The course covers a broad range of subjects related to foods including basic scientific principles to food systems and practical applications

48 h


Hospitality Industry in Tourism

Hospitality is the fundamental need for travellers, pilgrims, wanderers, tourists, etc. because it gives them a strong feel of home away from home.

48 h


Geography of Tourism

Tourism phenomenon has its roots in the humanly needs of seeing other places and discovering the unknown areas and the geography refers to the researches on spatial dispersions, climatic conditions and physical conditions of an area.

48 h


Geography of India

This course under Faculty of Sciences named "Geography of India" will help the students, scholars and others will enhance the skills and deep understanding about the formation of physiography and physio-graphic divisions of India.

48 h



Biogeography deals with the World Biomes in addition, this area of Biogeography focuses on the Geographical Distribution of Fungi, Flora, Fauna etc.

48 h

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