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Best Treehouse Courses online

List of the best treehouse courses and certifications to take online in 2024.


Conducting User Interviews Course

Learn how to validate product ideas by identifying an audience, sourcing participants, conducting user interviews, and analyzing the results.


Working with $_GET and $_POST in PHP Course

This course will show you how to work with PHP Superglobals. External inputs, like HTML forms, are considered a security vulnerability so you should always filter inputs and escape outputs.

1 h 13 m


Build a Basic PHP Website Course

This project will show you how to build a simple website using the PHP programming language.

3 h 15 m


Using SQL ORMs with Node.js Course

In this course, you'll learn how to use the Sequelize ORM to leverage the power of SQL within your Node.js applications.

2 h 7 m


Introducing Dictionaries Course

Another useful Python data structure is the dictionary. Learn how to write one and use one in your day to day Python code.


Python Sequences Course

Discover several types of Python sequences, many ways of sequence iterations, and all of the common sequence operations.

1 h 8 m


Functions, Packing, and Unpacking Course

Learn the ins and outs of Python functions, how to send and receive values to functions, and all about Python packing and unpacking.

1 h 8 m


Introducing Tuples Course

Learn about a python data structures that's similar to lists, but with one key difference!

22 m


React Authentication Course

In this course, you will learn how to implement the Basic Authentication scheme in a React application using an Express REST API.

1 h 37 m


Build a Chatbot with Watson APIs Course

IBM has created an AI platform named Watson that gives businesses and developers access to powerful tools for text and speech analysis, computer vision, and more.

2 h 13 m