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List of free Udacity courses and certificaions to take online in 2024.


Gemini in Gmail

Learn how to use generative AI technologies in Gmail to boost productivity and efficiency. Explore important features and improve your workflow with Gemini in Google Workspace.


LLMOps: Building Real-World Applications With Large Language Models

Learn how to use Large Language Models (LLMs) effectively. Learn how to use LLMs to create real-world applications with the most up-to-date tools and approaches.


11 h


Responsible AI: Applying AI Principles with Google Cloud

This course will teach you how to operationalize responsible AI in your workplace. Discover Google Cloud's best practices and lessons for developing and implementing responsible AI frameworks. Enroll now!


Introduction to Gemini in Google Workspace

In this course, you will learn about generative AI capabilities and how they can improve productivity and efficiency across Google Workspace applications.


Gemini in Google Meet

Unleash Gemini's full potential in Google Meet. Learn how to create background pictures, improve video quality, and translate subtitles for more efficient video conferences.


Cloud Data Warehouses

Learn how to build cloud-based data warehouses. You'll hone your data warehousing skills, gain a better grasp of data infrastructure, and be introduced to cloud data engineering with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Transformer Models and BERT Model with Google Cloud

Learn about Transformer models and the primary components of the Transformer architecture, as well as how they are combined to develop the BERT model.


Google Cloud Attention Mechanism Course

Discover how the attention mechanism works and how it can be used in machine translation.


Google Cloud Introduction to Large Language Models Course

Learn how to use large language models and how to use prompt tweaking to improve LLM performance.


Google Cloud Introduction to Generative AI Course

Learn about Generative AI, how it works, and how it differs from typical machine learning techniques.


Create Image Captioning Models with Google Cloud

Learn how to create, train, and evaluate an image captioning model by using deep learning.


Encoder-Decoder Architecture with Google Cloud

Learn about the encoder-decoder architecture's core components as well as how to train and service these models.


Introduction to Image Generation with Google Cloud

Discover what diffusion models are, how they work, and real-world applications for them.


Operationalizing Cloud Security with Deepfence ThreatMapper

Learn how to use Deepfence ThreatMapper to develop enterprise-level cloud security programmes with Udacity.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Professional

Learn the day-to-day operational activities that you can find yourself managing in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem with this free Udacity course.